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Patent Name Patent Number
ETCS system with ETCS interface device (No. 10-2561628)
Tram Train Total control System (No. 10-2552170)
The redundant system for detecting the position of train using RFID (No. 10-2522841)
Integrated block system equipped with automatic skip function of fault local device (No. 10-1064984)
Feedback AGC device for reception of AF track circuit (No. 10-1102900)
Block equipment Independent Communication System (No. 10-1062338)
Digital block equipment with excellent compatibility (No. 10-1378356)
Tracked Vehicle Crossing Detector (No. 10-1378357)
Railway vehicle detection simulation device (No. 10-1495737)
Date Name No.
2022-08-24 All-in-one Ballis Quay Unit (No. 10-2023-0111136)
2022-07-14 Automatic alarm system for tunnel safety management (No. 10-2023-0091647)
2022-07-03 Device for securing the balise (No. 10-2023-0085766)